The Camup Christmas Spectacular

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The official 2021 Camup Christmas Spectacular Banner. Special thanks to Bob Smith (aka Kayakman) for making it.

Special thanks to these Sponsors:

BG Radio Network (BGRN) is proud to announce it will be hosting the Camup Christmas Spectacular this year. Taking over from the original and previous host of the event Gator Mix. The show will be hosted by BGRN owner and DJ, DJ Slimshaky, who will also be solely organizing the event on behalf of the BGRN team. Special thanks goes out to Bob Smith (aka Kayakman) from the Camup Community for making the show banner.

The Camup Christmas Spectacular is a show where the entire Camup community can come together to celebrate the holidays together by participating in a community based Holiday Celebration show!

The show will feature videos and/or greeting cards sent in by the Camup Community, as well as a prize giveaway (details to come the week of the show). Currently the show is scheduled for Friday, December 17th 2021 beginning at 8pm ET and going until 12AM ET.

Here is important information about the event:

How to submit a video:

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Since the Spectacular is a community event, members of the Camup Community, casters and listeners alike, are both welcome and encouraged to participate in the show. Just like in previous years, we encourage everyone in the community to submit a Christmas and/or Holiday themed video which will be aired live during the show. To submit a video to be played live on the air, simply follow these easy and simple steps:

  1. Record a Christmas or Holidays themed video. The video can up to 20 minutes in length. We recommend a length of 10 to 20 minutes in order to ensure as much of the show as possible is hosted by the community. The video must be saved in .mp4  format and no larger than 2GB in size.

  2. Upload the video to then e-mail the link they give you to

  3. Include in the e-mail either your name, or the name of your channel on Camup. Feel free to give a brief shout-out to your shows in the video.

Become A sponsor:

Become A Sponsor Slide.png

Sponsors are people and/or casters who donate a prize (no matter how small) for the prize giveaway portion of the show. Sponsors will have their logo and/or name shown on the main show banner, have a special slide recognizing their contribution during the show, and have their picture or banner featured on the 'Sponsors' image reel at the top of this page (unless they asked us not to). If you would like to become a sponsor, the process is simple:

  1. E-mail with the title 'Christmas Spectacular Sponsorship' and in the message box let us know what prize you will be donating (common prizes from previous years include Amazon Giftcards, Mugs, T-Shirts, etc).

  2. Include either your name, or the name of your channel if your a caster. If your a caster include your channel logo so we can add it to the banner and to the sponsor image reel on this page. 

Current Sponsors List:

  • Blazzin Country

  • SuperCFL

  • Camup Staff

  • BG Radio Network (BGRN)


List Updated: 12/24/2021 - List will be updated as new sponsors join.



As of 12/14/21 - Subject To Change

Questions, concerns & feedback:

Anyone with questions, comments, concerns and/or feedback regarding the 2021 Camup Christmas Spectacular, should contact BGRN Owner DJ Slimshaky (Brandon) at the station e-mail You may also use the contact us page on this website to the send message. He will get back to you as soon as he can!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Ukraine fundraiser benefiting united way!