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A little about us:

BG Radio Network is a small, independently owned and operated online radio station, all our djs are volunteers who dj from their homes in their spare time. The station and it's djs goal is to entertain people, it is free to listen in and request tunes and always will be. The purpose of this page is to mention all the ways you can support the station as a listener and fan.

The biggest way to support the station is to simply tune in to our live shows and djs as much as you can. The viewers and fans are the reason why our djs come out and dedicate their time for free to dj for us. Just tuning in and chatting is one the best ways you can support us.

As mentioned above, we are a small online only station that operates on volunteer djs, for the sole purpose of entertaining people and having a good time. It is free to listen, chat, request tunes and enjoy all our shows. All we ask is that everyone tries to tune in as much as they can and has a good time.

We will never require anyone to pay anything to tune in and enjoy the show. If, however, you would like to financially support and help the station and its djs out, there is a couple ways to do so, those ways will described in more detail below. Just remember there is no obligation to donate or financially support us in any way. This page and the methods mentioned below are simply here so if anyone does wish to support or help the station financially they have the ability to do so.


Ways to support us:


One of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to help us and our djs out is to donate money to us through paypal (no paypal account required). You can do so by clicking the orange 'donate' button below, where you will be re directed to the donation page. From this page you can donate as little (even a dollar) or as much as you wish to. All donations are divided up and shared evenly with all the djs on the station.

Click the 'donate' button below to donate.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Our Shop:

The second way to support the station, is to buy some BGRN merchandise. There are many products you can buy, from t-shirts, sweaters and other clothing items, to mugs, stickers, pillows, blankets and even phone cases and laptop carrying bags. All items and purchases are made and handled by a 3rd party company called Teespring, they have a secure website and everything is done through them (manufacturing, distribution, processing the purchases and then arranging for shipping). They make good quality products and we get a small portion of every sale of BGRN Merch. It is a good way to support the station and get good quality BGRN merch as well. If you would like to have a look at the BGRN items available for sale, then click the 'Shop' link in the navbar or click the button below.

Thank you for all the support!

Whether your a listener who justs tunes into our shows, or someone who has donated or purchased some of our merchandise, we want to say thank you and we appreciate all your continued support. You (the fans and listeners) are the reason we exist and the reason our DJs dedicate some of their personal time to entertain and dj for you all.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANKS for your support.

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