Juan Ruben

Career Highlights:

Position: Talk Show Host

DJ Since: 2006

With BGRN Since: June 2021

Juan Ruben

Storytime With Juan Ruben Official BG Radio Network Logo.png

Time slot:

Tuesdays - 3pm to 5pm ET

Life Highlights:

Location: San Diego, California

Favorite Season: San Diego has only 1 season: Summer

Hobbies: DJing, Telling Stories

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears

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Juan Ruben is the host of BGRN's only talk show: Storytime With Juan Ruben that airs live every Tuesday starting at 3PM ET. He is also a DJ on another online station Studio B Radio where he does shows 2 to 3 times a week.

Juan currently resides in warm and sunny (year round) San Diego, California, but he is originally from Chicago where he grew up. As a result, he is (unfortunately for him) a lifelong Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan.

He is also a passionate Storyteller and 'People's person' and tells viewer interactive, entertaining stories on 'Storytime' along with talking about whatever pops into his mind. There are no set topics on 'Storytime' which means you never know what you're going to hear. Viewer interaction is strongly encouraged and often viewers shape the direction of the show through interaction in our live chat.

Regardless of what he is talking about, Juan is a very entertaining guy to listen and talk to. So be sure to tune in and hang out with Juan every Tuesday from 3 to 5PM ET for Storytime With Juan Ruben.

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