BGRn Ukraine fundraiser


BG Radio Network (BGRN) #Standswithukraine and supports the people of Ukraine during this horrible humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion. We here at BGRN want to help the people of ukraine any way we can, and as a result we are happy to announce the launch of our BGRN Ukraine merchandise which is going to be available for a limited time only. For each BGRN Ukraine merch item sold, Teespring is going to automatically donate our portion of the profits ($5.00 USD per item) straight to united way, a non profit helping to provide:

  • Transportation 

  • Shelter

  • Food and medicines 

  • Critical childcare supplies, including infant formula and diapers 

  • Hygiene kits, and more 

to refugees forced to flee their homes as a result of the awful war. You can read more about United Way's efforts to support the people of Ukraine by visiting their website.

Charitable mercH:

BGRN Ukraine T-shirt.jpg

BGRN Ukraine Classic Tee

$16.84 uSD

BGRN Ukraine classic pullover hoodie.jpg

BGRN Ukraine Pullover Hoodie

$28.04 uSD

BGRN ukraine mug.jpg

BGRN Ukraine Black Mug

$17.99 USD

BGRN Ukraine Stickers.jpg

BGRN Ukraine Sticker (4x6)

$7.24 USD

100% of our proceeds from each BGRN Ukraine item sold (exactly $5.00 USD) is automatically donated to United Way. Making BGRN Ukraine Merch perfect to support the people of ukraine and rock some awesome BGRN Merch in the process.

available until June 30th, 2022.

Click the picture of an item to be redirected to the purchase page for the item.

Charitable BGRN Ukraine Merch available NOW! all profit goes to united way: Learn more